Monday, August 10, 2009

Update Marriott Hotel Availablity

Marriott Hotel is booked for Saturday night.

The Marriott is working on getting us more rooms. The other hotels will honor the rate. I will have more info tomorrow. There will be shuttle service.

A question came up re: spouse sign ups. If you are unsure if the spouse can attend, do not sign them up. As we get closer, we will need to get a count for the events.

WRT, football tickets and tailgate. We are waiting to see if there is any possiblity of using the Athletic Dept tent after the game. If the answer is no, we will have a tailgate and post game social to be included with ticket in a separate area. We will keep the price down and make it great for all. Thank you for all you do!!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Hotel filling up!!

If you do not have rooms for the reunion, you need to call the Marriott directly at 719-260-1800, and ask for the Class of 1984 rate, if that does not work, ask for the USAFA Booster Club rate, if still no help, say you are Troy Calhoun.......that is how fast these rooms are going.

We are going to get another hotel, most likely another Marriott Brand, east of the Stadium, or by Gleneagle, and get shuttles to run to-from our events.

Going to be great time...hope you can make it


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Reunion Dinner for Friday night

USAFA Class of 1984

Gourmet House Greens with Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Carrots,
Red Onions and Croutons, served with Ranch Dressing

Beef Medallion with Hunter’s Sauce and
Seared Chicken Breast with Lemon Chablis
Chef’s Choice of Seasonal Vegetable and Starch

Chocolate Cake

Freshly Brewed Regular & Decaffeinated Coffee and Tea

$50.00 Per Person
(Inclusive of applicable tax/service charge)

Thursday Reunion Buffet Menu

For our reunion, here is a list of food for Thursday night

Baron of Beef
Tomato & Pesto Brushchetta
Fillo Cups with Gorgonzola & Walnlut Filling
Smoked Salmon on Rye with Cream Cheese
Swedish Meatballs with Peppercorn Sauce
Bacon Wrapped Scallops with Lemon Glaze
Coconut Chicken Strips with Orange Horseradish
Chocolate Covered Strawberries/Brownies

Price is $39/pp all inclusive, which includes room, taxes, and tip

Monday, July 27, 2009

Commandant's Lunch

Friday September 25 1100 to 1300

Steakhouse Bruschetta
Swedish Meatballs
Signature Tortilla Chips w/ Salsa
Chicken Parmesan
Rigatoni w/ Italian Style Meatballs
Fresh Seasonal Vegetable
Chef’s Mixed Salad w/ 2 Dressings and Croutons
Bread Sticks and Butter
Dessert: Fresh Fruit Display

sign up for this and all reunion activities at

Update July 2009

Mike Jensen

12035 Milam Road

Colorado Springs, CO 80908


Updates for the reunion can be found at By the time you receive this, it is getting down to crunch time. We really have a tremendous turnout so far, but there is always room for more of “84”! Went over to check out to Commandants house. It is a beautiful setting for our classmate and his family. Sam and Tammy Cox, along with children, Patrick and Claire, and felines Nani and Kahuna, are making it available to us for lunch on Friday during the reunion from 11-1. We then have the Senior Staff briefings which will be followed by the Memorial Ceremony and dinner at the Marriott. For the golfers, the Thursday Commandants Classic will be held at Eisenhower. Last time we depleted the golf hostesses’ cart of just about everything they had for sale. Should be great weather.

Updates: Received a nice update from Rob Hemker, who has a son in 2011. He is on the Wings of Blue and while in town Rob ran into three of our classmates at his son’s "Blue Suit" ceremony in May. The Blue Suit ceremony is when the 3rd class Wings of Blue "candidates" (also known as Wings of Green) finish their one year of upgrade training and are officially added to the team. At the ceremony the '84 grads he saw were Kent Yohe (also has son class of 2011 on Wings of Blue), John Curran (who sponsors Kent's son), and, of course, Sam Cox the Commandant was there. Kent and John were both Wings of Blue when we were cadets. Both Kent and John fly for Southwest.

Rob ended up in Acquisition after graduation and got out of the AF in 1990. He has lived in Houston ever since and is in the recruiting business (head hunter).

Other '84 people Rob has traded messages with over the past year or so:
Bob Wright - Was head of Safety at USAFE (if that is what they call it still) and now running an AF ROTC unit in Florida. Tim Shields - they played water polo together at USAFA. He flies for United now and lives in Huntington Beach, CA. Bryan Holmes - they came from the same high school in Southern California and played water polo too. He now flies for American and lives in Orange County, CA. Eddie Pogue – they also played water polo together and he flies for UPS and lives in Louisville. Darryl Webb - they had chance contact as he was retiring from the AF and moving back to Houston looking for employment. They realized we did the Navy SEAL summer program together during their Jr year. Eddie Pogue was in SEAL training too. Walt Jurek - They were in the same basic squadron and he is now a senior engineering manager at Hewlett Packard in Houston. Greg Bauer - They were Econ majors together. Lives in Park City, UT and flies for American Airlines.

Al Feliu sent in a picture, seen here are Albert, Christina-18, Cindy-wife of 25 years, and Michael-15

Class of 2013: This is where I know I will not get everyone, but will do the best with what we have. John Denny and his wife Gayle ’83 have a son in basic training C4C Wes Denny, they report that Dwight Godwin from CS-13 also has a son at USAFA in Basic. Tom Wilson has daughter Hayley, who is a 3rd generation USAFA attendee, following Ed Lorenzini, who had a son enter a couple of years ago.

With everything that is happening in the world today. I feel very fortunate to be able to keep in touch with so many great and wonderful people. I hope you can take the time to take a weekend for yourselves and join us as we celebrate 25 years since we graduated from our United States Air Force Academy. Thanks for all each and everyone of you do every day. See you soon …. jens

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Update 06-10-2009

From Joe Wiley :

I am winding up my tour at McChord AFB, WA, as the Operations Group Commander, and heading for my next assignment in Rome, Italy. I will be a Faculty Adviser at the NATO Defense College...rough three year deal.

Part of the mission at McChord is to support Operation Deep Freeze. We send a C-17 down to Christchurch, NZ to move equipment, supplies and personnel for the National Science Foundation. We took the attached photo last February at McMurdo Station, Antarctica. We land the C-17 on the Pegasus Ice Runway during the Antarctic summer. On this mission we also carried some Air Force senior leadership down for an orientation. It ended up being a miniature Falcon gathering.

From left to right, Colonel Paul Shepard (83), Major Matt Anderson (96), Lt General Frank Klotz (73), General Duncan McNabb (74), General Howie Chandler (74), Colonel Joe Wiley (84) and Lt Colonel Lane Seaholm (86).

From Nena Amaral:

Here's a picture of Maj. Juan Amaral (USAF-R, Retired) administering the oath of office at USAFA at the end of May, 2009 (a couple of weeks ago) to one of our local high school alumni (2nd Lt. Christopher Vicari) from Southern California. Another one of Juan's classmates and fellow ALO's was also there (Marcel Smith - USAFA 84) at another squadron's swearing in ceremony to do the same for another cadet!

It was such an honor for Juan to be asked to do this by one of our local students who graduated 4 years ago from Ayala HS in Chino Hills. Juan washis ALO. It was Juan's roommate, Brian Stilson's father, Lt. Col. CharlesW. ("Red") Stilson, USAF-Ret. (& decorated WWII pilot) who administered Juan's oath that evening. Who would have thought Juan would be asked to return the favor for another cadet 25 years later? As Juan and I look back to his swearing in as a 2nd Lt. in the U.S. AirForce (his mother and I pinned on his 2nd Lt. bars then), it was all about the graduates and their graduation celebration from 4 long years of continued character enrichment, academics, military academics, and physicalc hallenges at the U.S. Air Force Academy. This time for Juan and I, it was also about those who shared in the administration of the oath of office. We saw an active duty Army father swear in his son and I admit that my tears fell hard from my eyes when I witnessed this same son receive his first salute from his enlisted father. We saw a great grandfather (who served inWWII) administer the oath to his great grandson. We saw an active duty AirForce Colonel swear in his son and at this cadet's side were his 2 brothers in their dress blue USAFA cadet uniforms. What a night for blessings and being blessed by family and friends, as well as the legacy of those who have served our country or continue to serve in our armed forces today. Wish you could have been there. It really was an amazing evening. Love in Christ, Nena Amaral

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

25 years ago

Seems like yesterday...

Working on the hotel events, and want to make sure we are giving the best event possible. Would it be better to have the social on Thursday include heavy hors d'oeuvres or a buffet? The cost is $47 without drinks pp for the buffet, and we can get it down to a much more managable level if we steer away from dinner. Please feel free to comment here, or let us know at . The dinner on Friday will be a great time and will be about $50/pp. We have lined up a few baby sitters, so we will have them contact those who asked directly in the month of August.

For those who have not seen the video of our Commandant dismissing the class of 2010, here you go

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hotel Link

We have secured a great deal at the Marriott for the reunion. If you have not gotten an email, it is because we don't have a good address for you. drop us a line at

If you are ready to make those reservations for the reunion, please use this liink. The discouts are there, and all you have to do is choose the dates, rooms and # of guests.
Hotel Reservations

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

25th Reunion Dates Set

Sir, there are 177 days until the class of 1984 comes back to USAFA!! Yes, the Homecoming weekend will host the classes of 1984, along with junior wanna-be reunionites from the classes of 1989 and 1999. It is time again to show our leadership to these young classes, to show them how it is done, and as always to lead by example.

The Commandant's Classic Golf Tournament will be held on Thursday, with Friday giving a chance to wander around the AFA, and the Football Game on Saturday. We are hoping we can have a great pregame as well as a post game under the big tent.

The hotel will once again be the Marriott and we are working on $$

Monday, March 9, 2009


From Wayne Adkisson: Here's me and my family at my fini-flight, Jens. It's 3 1/2 years old. Retired in 2005 and I'm working as an F-15 Subject Matter Expert/Instructorat Kingsley Field - instructing in the simulator and academics. My oldest will graduate from high school this spring and my youngest is 8. An interesting note - back in June the squadron here asked if I'd want tocome out of retirement and start flying again. They're a little undermanned. Going through the paperwork right now, but I of course said"yes". We'll see if the SECAF approves it - kind of a Bret Favre thing.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Spring 2009

Mike Jensen

12035 Milam Road

Colorado Springs, CO 80908


I hope you are getting ready for the new year! 2009 is here! That means then 25th Reunion is just around the corner. Please go to to get the current info and to sign up for the email newsletter.  I was unable to get the info in by the deadline, and we still need to get more updates. So by the time you get this info, the website will be updated. So go do it now and find out when the reunion will be, what we are doing and how the Class of 1984 is making a difference at USAFA.  In the meantime you can feast your eyes on some of  American Airlines finest: Tom Wilson, Jay Charmella and Mike Sadler.  Check out the website, send in your updates and get ready for the reunion.  jens