Monday, October 25, 2010

Update October 2010


I hope this note finds you well. The AFA is having a great fall season. In football, we finally got the monkey off our back and beat Navy for the first leg of the Commander-in-Chief Trophy. By the time you read this, we will know if the Trophy is coming back to Colorado Springs. Army has become a very formidable opponent, and Michie Stadium is a difficult place to win in November. I ran into Jon Wikstrom, whose son, Wylie, is on the team, but had a season ending injury very early in the year.

Generally speaking: On July 10th, Amid ominous clouds, thunder and lightening on the outskirts of Buckley Air Force Base, Col. Michael A Loh, 140th Operations Group (OG) Commander, completed his final F-16 Fighting Falcon flight before being promoted to Brig. Gen. Read more here: Mike Loh Mike is now the Air National Guard special assistant to the Chief of Staff, United States Air Force. Speaking of those Buckley pilots, I ran into Sean Pavlich before the TCU game. He was the honorary alumni Captain for the game, and was tailgating with one of the cadets they sponsored (and mentored  ) along with Sandy McFarlane and son, Dillon. I was able to sit with my old roomie, Tommy Wilson and his young son, Tommy Wilson. Tom (the elder) is still flying at AA, while the younger is flying all over softball and football fields in North Texas. Tommy also has 3 daughters, one of which is a 3-degree at USAFA.

 BG Mike Loh with MG Edwards taking the Oath of Office

Running thorough the Springs: As I am late for the deadline (again), I am rummaging through my head of all the 84 grads that I see often, who don’t send me info. Two BIG offenders, are Doug Applegate and Pete Edgar. I should watch how I use the word “BIG” because the truth be known, Sir Douglas, has become an aerobics machine and is tipping the scale at a weight much under that your humble scribe. To add insult to injury, the two-some of Doug and Pete, put a hurt on yours truly on the basketball court on a weekly basis. I also speak with Marv Jones who works here and financial and accounting guru, Jeff Burum-CPA. Jeff Hays is back in the Springs working for Booz-Allen. Bill Neveu was at the Navy game along with his wife, Leslie, as was the Ultimate Woman, Monica (Schweitz) Smith, who was in town visiting from the DC area. Bob Perry is living the good life, FULLY RETIRED, with his 6.7 golf handicap. I know, I saw Gay (Weaver) and Scott Harrison too, but that brain cell is not reminding me of where that was. Also saw Bob Chapman (UAL) at the local neighborhood Starbuck as we got our morning “fix”.

So you can see there are plenty of 84 grads in the area, and his is just a partial list. What happened to seeing USAFA in the rear-view mirror? I know, the view is much better on the east side of I-25. Have a great end to 2010, and may 2011 be filled with all the wonderful things you deserve. Keep in touch----jens.