Sunday, November 6, 2011

Winter 2011 update

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What a wonderful time to be a Falcon! By the time you read this, the football team will have retained the CINC Trophy for the second year in a row and for the 18th time overall. The fall tends to bring out the tailgaters and gives us some extra reasons to get together and enjoy the camaraderie. At Navy, I was able to meet up with Jersey John Hanlon and his wonderful family. John had the parking and tailgate secured. Of course, I left the game with Air Force leading 28-10, trusting the Hanlon clan would maintain the lead. The Hanlon’s did what they could, but Navy gave us a scare. Fortunately, the Falcons pulled it out 35-34. The following week at the Notre Dame game, Karl Alvarez joined in along with Matt Johnson on our bus ride to/from South Bend. We were hosted by the Notre Dame ROTC Detachment, and had John Weigand stop in. Kara (Hayes) and Duff McElligott, Victor Haynes and his family were there too. The weather was perfect, and so was Notre Dame's offense, scoring touchdowns on all 6 first-half possessions. The trip got a little dicey when the bus headlights went out after the game, but nothing that some wine and a couple of cases of beer couldn't cure.

Updates: "Ike" Eichenberger has daughter Annette in 2nd sq as a 3degree where she has declared biology as her major and runs on a nice, new track for the track and cc teams -- go Annette! Ike is still in living in Chicago on weekends, working in DC for Accenture during week! Ike, we'll be looking for you next time we go to take on the Fighting Irish.

John Curran is flying for Southwest and uploaded some pictures on our classes Facebook page. Ray and Heidi Simpson have a son Daniel who is in the class of '14 that Suzanne and JC sponsor. When you see the picture you can’t tell they summated Democrat, Cameron, Lincoln and Bross on that day that picture was taken. John was also able to fly a very short leg from Oklahoma City to Dallas with Southwest Airlines new hire Garrett "Turbo" Thompson, who did an awesome job and they are happy to have him at SWA. Finally, as JC is the only one of us getting close to the big Five O, he decided that he needed a Harley. Nice!

Moves in rank. More Generals in the mix from the class of 1984. Terry Feehan checked in and reports that Sam Cox, John Thompson, and he are all officially the old guys in the front office. They were on the Spring O-8 list. Congratulations all! Terry crossed paths with John at the Pentagon and says he is looking good. Terry is still with the Missile Defense Agency living with the Army on Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville AL, where he handles much of the agencies acquisition, global deployment and construction, and logistics.

Myron “Free” Freeman retired effective 1 May 2011, after 26+ years of active duty service as the Vice Commander, HQ AF Security Forces Center, Lackland AFB TX. His retirement ceremony was held on 8 Jun 2011 in the Hall of Heroes at The Pentagon with Brigadier General Jimmy McMillian, AF Director of Security Forces officiating. Sharon, and Free (pictured) rented their house in San Antonio and moved back closer to home (MD) to Alexandria VA. Free is now working as a Principal Analyst for Analytic Services Inc. (ANSER) in their Security Policy Division.

The Pitch: With all of the social media avenues open to us, there has been a lessening of using those antiquated, communication systems such as email, or even snail mail. Any and all methods of communication are acceptable to me. In fact, I ENCOURAGE you to visit and sign up on our Facebook page, and @USAFA84 Twitter account. I will have this article posted on our web page as well. As an added bonus, we will also have pictures and updates from classmates that don't have the resolution for the magazine, but are of great importance for all to see. So in closing, get those updates, tweets, and some of your best photos. Follow @USAFA84 and Matt Johnson on :)